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An oasis of relaxation

Located in the heart of Sithonia

Surrounded by nature

Luxury Apartments


Halkidiki - the main resort area of mainland Greece, immersed in lush greenery, even in the midst of a hot summer. Sithonia - beautiful and unique by its nature region. Here, you will find and mountains and wonderful forests and, of course, beautiful beaches.

Nikiti considered to be the capital of Sithonia. Here you will find the old historical places and many modern cafes, taverns and restaurants offering fresh fish and seafood. Beach bars on all the length of the coast offers a wide range of refreshing drinks and snacks.

Old Nikiti is a beautiful village. Near with the highest point - the church of St Nikita - there is a beautiful chapel with a preserved wall paintings of the 17th century.

Nikiti is also known as one of the largest honey producers in Europe. Honey, like and olive oil, you can buy in many shops in the village directly from the manufacturers.

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