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Reservation Terms & Policies

The following terms and conditions will apply to all bookings. We ask that you take a moment to read them prior to making a booking. Please pay attention to our deposit and cancellation policies as well as the other terms and conditions in this document.


Confirmation of booking


Bookings must be made in advance. Quotations for accommodation will be based on availability as at the date and time of quoting.

Advance payment should be made within 24 hours after invoice is issued. After this time invoice considered as invalid and hotel treat this booking as canceled without any further notice.

Confirmation of booking is only valid upon receipt of a deposit of 20% of the total cost.

The rest of the total amount should be paid upon arrival.



- Confirmation of availability for specific dates as received from “Paramithi Luxury Apartments” reservations is not considered as a confirmation to a reservation. A booking is only confirmed upon receipt of a deposit.


- By reserving a room you declare that you have read and agreed with the terms and conditions of the hotel.


Cancellation, non-arrivals and Refunds


For a cancellation of booking, a refund to the deposit is only given under the following conditions.


0% cancellation fee:
Full refund – When a cancellation to the booking has been made with a minimum of 31 days notice (from the date of check in) being given to “Paramithi Luxury Apartments ” reservation’s department.


100% cancellation fee:
100% cancellation fee is charged when a cancellation of the reservation has been made within 30 days from the date of check in.

Non arrival:

100% reservation price is charged in case of non arrival.

Cancellation during your stay:

In case of cancellation during your stay or reduction of period of your stay 50% reservation price will be charged.

All the rooms that have been confirmed will be held until 24:00 on the scheduled day of arrival. After that time Paramithi can re-let the room without any further notice, unless notified of late arrival.


Note: Banking transfer costs is charged to the customer


Check in: 14:00

Check out: 11:00

Requests for early/late check-in/check-out will be handled based on hotel availability at the time of check-in (an additional fee is paid for late check out)

You need to confirm in advance early/late check-in/check-out if arrival or departure time is different from Paramithi standard scheduled time.

Exceeding check-out time without notifying Paramithi in advance can result extra charges, including late check-out extra fees or extra night's charges.

Accommodation policies

Guests will be responsible for any damage caused to the Hotel room or any furnishings, fittings and equipment therein by any act or omission of the Guest, his/her invitees or guests.

If this damage is found after the guest has departed, Paramithi reserves the right to make a charge to the Guest's credit or debit card.

Paramithi reserves the right to charge Guests the cost of replacing any items that are removed from the Hotel by them without consent. The charge will be the full replacement amount of the missing item.

Guests must not transfer hotel belongings outside of hotel.

For any loss or damage in hotel or its territory caused by the guest, the guest is in charged to refund its cost.

If the Hotel's towels are used to clean make-up, sun oil and/or have other visible signs that could not be removed  the full cost of damaged towel will be charged from the guest.

Lost property

If Paramithi staff find any personal goods left by guest inside room or in hotel territory Paramithi will keep this item 6 month.

Occupancy policies

In room can be accommodated only the number of persons that was previously confirmed with Paramithi during booking procedure.

Non-smoking policy

Smoking is strongly prohibited in all rooms.

In case if a Guest has a complain during his/her stay at the Hotel, he/she need bring it to the attention of Hotel management as soon as possible to allow the Hotel resolve issue during your stay.






Payment Methods

PayPal lets anyone with an email address send and receive money online, and is the most experienced credit card and check processing company on the internet.

PayPal uses existing financial infrastructures of bank accounts and credit cards, and acts as the only intermediary between the Buyer (You), and the Seller (Paramithy Luxury Apartments).

This is what makes PayPal the most trusted online payment system.

PayPal is trusted by millions of buyers! It is one of the most preferred payment methods.

Bank Transfer

A bank transfer can be made to any of the following banks.


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